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Review of 2013 and Seasons Greetings from our CEO

As we near the end of 2013, it’s the perfect time to reflect on what has been a remarkable year not only for Symbiosis but for the wider pharmaceutical services industry. We’ve noted some very positive signs of growth in the world of drug development services, and several of them align clearly with the strategic focus of Symbiosis Pharmaceutical Services. They include Frost and Sullivan’s remarks in a recent global pharmaceutical contract manufacturing market report that injectable drug development will be a main growth driver for CMOs over the next few years, particularly as the pharmaceutical industry continues to focus on oncology and on treatments which use cytotoxic drugs specifically. Similarly, the pharmaceutical industry is moving away from focusing on small molecules and increasingly looking to biologics, with ADCs very much in vogue. According to Tufts CSDD Impact Report, biotech products, which accounted for only 7% of revenue generated by the top 10 biggest selling pharmaceutical/ biotech products worldwide in 2001, accounted for a massive 71% of the 10 biggest selling products in 2012, while the number of biotech products in clinical trials increased by a whopping 155% in 11 years, from 355 in 2001 to 907 in 2012. One telling insight estimates the strategically re-focused Big Pharma players are engaged in about 40% of all biotech products in clinical development in 2012. With the demand for CMOs to support the development of injectable, biologic, and cytotoxic drugs for example, it may be no surprise that our experience of the market underlines these trends in our industry, and while we don’t believe small molecule drug development is going to disappear anytime soon, it’s incredibly exciting to be working with client companies to support the clinical development of cutting edge therapeutics like proteins, ADCs and RNAs.

We have also seen continued consolidation within the CMO sector as the big players build ‘critical mass’ (as they like to call it), most recently demonstrated with the coming together of DSM and Patheon. Although the “one-stop-shop” model has its place, it has historically attracted Big Pharma clients with longer clinical horizons and with experience of larger organisations who some may say have less operational flexibility than niche providers such as Symbiosis. Our business philosophy is distinct and clear: to offer tailored sterile manufacturing services in a nimble and flexible way to reflect what the client wants, and to do so in a way that saves them that most precious of commodities: time. We call it “delivering service excellence”. This clarity of purpose has served both Symbiosis and our clients well throughout 2013. We have continued to successfully engage with our target market, namely small to medium biopharma companies from around the world. In return for our efforts to actively develop our relationships with new and existing clients alike, Symbiosis has grown fast in 2013, reflecting the ambitious goals we set ourselves almost three years ago when we started out. Just like the pharmaceutical development services sector, I expect our growth to continue strongly in 2014 and I would like to take this opportunity to thank our clients for their business and the Symbiosis team for their hard work in delivering the service excellence that our clients tell us they value so highly. We believe this is the key to building long-term relationships.

Merry Christmas
Best Wishes for 2014
Colin MacKay, CEO
Symbiosis Pharmaceutical Services

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