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UNICEF Campaign – Massive Success

Last week we sent out a newsletter inviting you all to connect with us via LinkedIn and Twitter and in return we would donate ten Tetanus vaccines per follower to UNICEF. We had many reasons behind this, including : raising our social media profile, we put out a lot of interesting content via our social media networks on a weekly basis and we want to ensure that it reaches the right audience, we also wanted to help charity and couldn’t think of a better one than UNICEF and helping those in need.

We sent out an email to all of our contacts and also sent out an invite via Twitter and LinkedIn to encourage more followers. The campaign was a massive success and we have had very positive feedback as well as gaining a lot of followers at the same time.

Thank you to everyone who took part in this campaign. We have now donated 1000 vaccines to UNICEF which we hope will help to save the lives of many children in Africa who otherwise would not be able to be properly vaccinated.

Even though the campaign is finished now, connect with us via Twitter and LinkedIn if you have not already done so for more interesting content and updates within the pharmaceutical industry.

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