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A review of BIO International Convention 2016


The dust has settled and it’s business as usual here in Stirling after BIO International Convention in San Francisco but we just wanted to take a moment to reflect on our main take-homes from the event…

There is certainly a feeling of general buoyancy and positivity in the industry. It is clear that the investment community continues to see the biotech sector as an attractive opportunity, which is good news as finance continues to fuel wider drug development activity and equally the demand for specialist outsourced manufacturing services.

The potential for personalised medicines and the technologies which are facilitating this is finally being realised through to the later stages of the drug development process. We expect that demand for small-scale, niche manufacturing will grow to meet individual patient needs and ultimately improve treatment options in the future.

It was again made clear to us that US-based CMOs continue to face challenges when it comes to regulatory compliance at the hands of the FDA and international regulators. It was also interesting to see that the biotech industry momentum in Massachusetts is perceived to have surpassed California as the hotbed for both science, start-ups and investment.

While many will have no doubt had their own unique experiences and perspective on the event, one thing is clear… It’s an exciting time for drug development and particularly the biotech sector which continues to thrive.

We’ll be attending BIO International Convention in San Diego in 2017, where we’ll be at the front of the hall, please do stop by and say hello at booth 1105.

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