Clinical Scale

The manufacture of injectable products for clinical trials is very much what we do at Symbiosis. So if you’re a biotech or pharmaceutical company looking to outsource the sterile fill/finish of your investigational medicinal products (IMPs), then our team can help.

Since day one, we have specialised in the GMP production of biologic and small molecule drug products destined for an injectable dosage form such as a vial. Whether a first in man study or a more comprehensive clinical trial, our facility is well-equipped to deal with your small-scale requirements.

Unlike most CMOs, we can offer you access to specific manufacturing slots at our MHRA-licensed facility. This ensures you can meet tight clinical deadlines, take full advantage of our rapid response time and get your products released when you need them.

Our facility enables us to fill bulk liquid volumes under 100 litres, including products that require aseptic liquid filling and lyophilisation. These include:

  • Biologics including mAbs, proteins, peptides and RNA
  • Cytotoxic, cytostatic and high potent APIs including ADCs
  • Small molecules
  • Our manufacturing capability is supported by a full range of associated analytical and testing services.

If you’re planning a clinical trial in the future or have a tight timeline to meet, then contact us today.

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