Symbiosis Philosophy/Story

Our company was established in 2011 to meet specific client expectations of offering flexible, responsive, transparent and timely sterile contract manufacturing, whilst maintaining the high levels of technical and quality excellence required by regulatory bodies.

The decision to create Symbiosis was driven by the need to address specific gaps highlighted in the sterile drug product manufacturing marketplace. In essence, our aim was to create a business model that delivered the value of saving clients’ drug development time by offering shorter lead times to manufacturing slots and product release.

With the above in mind, the shareholders and board of directors assembled a team of experts that understood what a modern, flexible, small-scale manufacturing filling facility needed to encompass. Since then, our company’s reputation has grown based on our manufacturing expertise and operational flexibility, which allows us to tailor process solutions to meet the individual requirements of our clients’ project.

As the demand for biological products and more agile clinical manufacturing grows, we are well-placed to assist clients developing new drug products.

As a business, we are always striving to deliver service excellence and build mutually beneficial, long- term relationships with our clients based on agreed goals and shared objectives. Our goal to ensure the success of those relationships is to exceed your expectation first time, every time.

By definition, symbiotic relationships go beyond the individual agenda. That philosophy led us to call the company ’Symbiosis’.

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